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Exist in Sound 67 | Tranceplayer Los Angeles


Exist in Sound 67 FM drop 12 NOON 02.05.23 | Los Angeles time

This mix is dedicated to Piotr Harnas and his special upcoming project.

The first hour of this will be included, and I am stoked to participate!

💿New Drop: Art or Life by Exist in Sound [Exist in Sound]

Techno Trance fusion out now on digital and streaming!


💿New Drop: JaretReis - Starmakers [Progressive Vibes]

"Jaret Reis is a newcomer on PVM with his new track 'Starmakers'.

date: June 05 Beatport - June 19 in all stores

Progressive Vibes Music © 2023


Unreal Engine based music player.

🌎Independent streaming | ASCAP

💿trance & electronica

Licensed | 00s 10s 2day


Apache (Extended Mix) - Allen Watts, Bogdan Vix

Morning Shivers (Remix) (Matthew Dreamer Extended Remix)

Conquest Paradise (Extended Mix) - Talla 2XLC, Alpha Breed

Starry Sky (Extended Mix) - 7ranZ

Going Back (Extended Mix) - Sergiy Akinshin

Forgive Me (Extended Mix) - RAM, Natalie Gioia

Choice (Extended Mix) - Rene Ablaze, Ria Joyse

Feel Your Essence (Extended Mix) - Miguel Angel Castellini

Birds Of Prey (Extended Mix) - Roger Shah, Ambedo

Guiding Hearts (Extended Mix) - LightControl, Jos van Aken

Renaissance (Extended Mix) - DIM3NSION

Missing You (Ben Gold Extended Remix) - Gareth Emery, Maria Lynn

Starmakers (Extended Mix) - Jaret Reis


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