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Happy Birthday Exist in Sound Livestream!


Exist in Sound | Happy Birthday Exist in Sound Livestream!


20 August

10AM Los Angeles local time

Download Tranceplayer (Win11)

Multi electronica genre vinyl set


💿Tranceplayer Sapphire 📅Fri 2nd June Launch Party LIVESTREAM RECAST:

🎧Mixed Version: 18 Tracks Featuring crowd favorites & bonus tracks of favorite classic resprays! Available -

🔊Radio Version: 16 Tracks Includes RHEA (Exist in Sound Remix) Available - Beatport, Spotify

TRANCEPLAYER SAPPHIRE | 💎 Radio Version Release Schedule: 01.06.23 | tranceplayer 02.06.23 | spotify beatport 03.06.23 | twitch Mix Performance

Mixed Version Release Schedule: 02.06.23 @ BandCamp & Our Website

© 2023 Exist in Sound Records. ℗ Exist in Sound Records. All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded works reserved. Published, Distributed & Produced in the USA by Exist in Sound.


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