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Reproduciendo ahora Sound Territory #140 de Q-Lee


Especialista en Q-Lee / Liquid DNB

DJ residente y colaborador en Tranceplayer Horario: Miércoles / Viernes @ Trance player Tema de mezcla: lavado. Oficial: Aquí Contacto:



Rezilient - Loving You

Ben Rolo - Sentient

Linksview - Falling Together

Aleyum and IYRE - Northern Corridor

Bert H & Hiraeth Ft. Sydney - I'm Holdin

CRSV, TS and Luciano (DnB) - Crystal Clear

CRSV, TS and Alpha Rhythm - Cosmic Shores

Hocseat - Follow

Payne - Stranger

Jay Dubz - Broken In 2

Sonic Rain - Future Citizen

Leniz, Painted Skies - Back When

Detect Theory - Falling Love With You (Scott Allen Master)

Ben Rolo - Compromise

Edan & Berrow - Call Me

Hocseat - Echo

Jay Dubz - A New Dawn

SOLR - All of You (Minos Remix)

Liquid Memoirs - Distance

Millstreet - Come This Way (FBMastering)

Spooly - Washed Away (PLTX Remix)


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