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Tranceplayer Ep 85| Feat. Upcoming Releases


Tranceplayer Episode 85 | New & Unreleased Trance


1 Mercenary - enatomi [OUT SOON!]

2 Moonlight (Original Mix) - Dimassive - Original Mix [OUT SOON!]

3 In Another Life (Extended Mix) - Tempo Giusto

4 Follow Me (Extended Mix) - Rene Ablaze, Fischer, Miethig

5 The Obsession (Extended Mix) - Terra V

6 Emboscada (Extended Mix) - Amir Hussain

7 Reactive (Original Mix) - U-Mount, SpaceLine

8 If I Never Make It Home (Extended Mix) - Dan Stone, Stine Grove

9 Change The World (Extended Mix) - Ben Gold, Allen Watts

10 Shining (Extended Mix) - Cosmic & Nilson

11 Venera (Vee's Theme) (Extended Mix) - Ferry Corsten ft. Gouryella

12 Unreal Train (Original Mix) - Novel

13 Emboscada (Extended Mix) - Amir Hussain

14 Shala'nir (Extended Mix) - Kenny Palmer

15 Lost In Love (Madwave Remix) (Array) - SMR LVE, Roxanne Emery

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