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Tranceplayer | Exist in Sound vol. 53 | + Upcoming Releases.

Exist in Sound | Exist in Sound vol. 53 | + Upcoming Releases. Tranceplayer Digital FM & First-Person Media Player


1 Ragnaroek (Extended Mix) Talla 2XLC

2 One With You (Extended Mix) Alchimyst

3 Ragnaroek (Extended Mix) Talla 2XLC

4 Out Of Nowhere (Connor Woodford Extended Remix) John O'Callaghan

5 Spiritualized (Extended Mix) Amar N

6 Conqueror (Extended Mix) Conqueror

7 Never Far from Here (Extended Mix) Sam Cydan

8 Catharsis (Extended Mix) Ultimate with TimAir

9 Spaced Out (Original Mix) Static D4rk, Pourya Feredi

10 Precious (Extended Mix) Magnettor

11 Walk Through Shadows (Jimmy Chou Extended Remix) Maratone with Saphron

12 Fuaim An Anama (Sound Of The Soul) (Extended Mix) Byrne & Feeney

13 I Still (Extended Mix) Brent Rix

14 Your Gravity (Extended Mix) Somna

15 Magenta (Extended Mix) Double Kay - Extended Mix - <- - - OUT 20.03 & 03.04! 💿UPCOMING RELEASE: Double Kay - Magenta [Progressive Vibes ]

PVM welcomes Double Kay to PVM with his new track 'Magenta'.

Release date: March 20 exclusive on Beatport - April 03 in all stores

Progressive Vibes Music © 2023


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